AESOP System
Important for all teachers to know
by Ann Granger, conseillère syndicale  |  11/2/2016

PTU requests your assistance when using the AESOP system.

It is important to indicate the total number of minutes that the substitute teacher will work.

Substitute teachers are paid only for teaching time, for supervision periods or for homeroom periods.

For example, if you need a substitute for three periods of 50 minutes at the secondary level, the substitute will be paid for 150 minutes. However, if you have a five minute homeroom it is important to put it in the job description on AESOP.

For the substitute teacher this could result in a difference of $37.94. In this case, you would indicate three periods of 50 minutes and a five minute homeroom for a total of 155 minutes.

A casual supply teacher is remunerated in the following manner:

Substitution time in a day

60 minutes

or less

between 61 minutes


150 minutes

between 151 minutes


210 minutes

more than

210 minutes

Periods concerned

As of 141st workday of the 2015-2016 school year





The problem is mostly encountered at the secondary level when displaying a substitution for a full day. A full day is 211 minutes or more, which is 5 periods of 50 minutes or 4 periods of 53 minutes or 3 periods of 75 minutes.

If the need is for 4 periods of 50 minutes, without supervision or homeroom, this is not a full day for the substitute but rather 200 minutes, that is $139.54 instead of $199.35 for a full day, a difference of $59.81. This explains the importance of indicating four periods and not a full day.

PTU is asking you to be more specific out of respect for substitute teachers so that they can make an informed decision.

This issue was raised with the school board and they told us that the responsibility laid on our members to indicate correctly the details of the posting for the substitution.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-426-4949