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Sick-Leave Days and Special Leave Days
Clarification between sick-leave and special leave days

Many teachers are confusing sick-leave days and special leave days.

Sick Leave Days: on the first day of the work year, the board shall credit every full-time teacher with six (6) sick-leave days which are redeemable at the end of the year if not taken.
For teachers on a part-time contract, days are pro-rated to the percentage of the contract and unused days are redeemable.
In the case of the first year of service of a teacher, the board shall credit him or her with an additional six (6) non-redeemable sick-leave days.

Special Leave Days: the board shall grant each full-time teacher a maximum of eight (8) non-cumulative, non-redeemable working days each year without loss of salary.
For teachers on a part-time contract, days are pro-rated to the percentage of the contract.
These days can be used for events such as marriage, moving day, death in the family, medical appointment, etc. Please refer to the Downloads section in the Teachers' Handbook for a complete list of events covered by this clause.

Leaves for Family Responsibilities: a teacher may be absent from work without salary for ten (10) days per year to carry out the obligations relating to the care, health or education of his or her child, of his or her spouse's child or because of the state of health of his or her spouse, father, mother, brother, sister or one of his or her grand-parents.
The leave may be for ten (10) consecutive days or taken individually and shall be deducted from a teacher's annual bank of sick-leave days to a maximum of six (6) days.
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