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The Vocational Training Teacher and The PTL


The Vocational Training Teacher

Teachers in the vocational sector usually join our school board after having worked in their industry for any number of years. It is important that when you arrive at LBPSB, you submit all of your schooling information (whether you have completed or are in the process of completing your studies) as well as your prior work experience in order to be paid at the correct step. The union is not involved in this process, but recommends that you request your "Attestation de Scolarité" as well as your recognition of years of work experience directly from the school board. If you are attending university, you need to submit your documents to the school board every time you obtain an additional 30 credits because this will also increase your step in salary.

Once you obtain your legal qualification (PTL, Permit, or Brevet) to teach and receive your first full-time contract for the year, you get placed on the seniority list (Draft comes out in March) in place of the recall list. At that point your contract will count for 1 year of seniority. Please be vigilant that your previous part-time contracts (if any) are recognized as a fraction of the year proportional to your teaching load in relation to a full teaching load and also that the hours you might have taught as an hourly paid teacher be calculated with the help of clause 5-2.05 of the provincial agreement.


Link to the ministry website :

The provisional teaching license (PTL) is a temporary and renewable (under certain conditions) authorization that is issued to individuals enrolled in a teaching program in Québec at the bachelor's or master's level.

Although the teacher often requires documentation from the school board to be submitted to the ministry, it is the teacher's responsibility to submit directly to the ministry these documents required for their initial PTL and any subsequent renewal.

Once you have begun your university journey for legal qualification, it is important to follow the ministry's instructions regarding the criteria needed to qualify for your next PTL renewal. The union is not involved in this process. We send reminders according to our list of expiring PTLs, but our list might not be complete.

Please send us a copy ( of your PTL when you receive it so that we can help you with reminders. This is the extent of our involvement. It is the teacher's responsibility to ensure that their requirements are met according to their deadlines.

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