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Workload ╥Secondary

According to our Local and Provincial Entente, no teacher shall be required to teach more than the average workload two (2) years in a row.

When we mention average workload, it consists of pure teaching (classes).

The total teaching load plus the other components of the workload are the same for all teachers who have a 100% workload.

Secondary 6-day cycle 9-day cycle
Average workload 1230 minutes 1845 minutes
(pure teaching) (24.6 x 50 min. periods) (24.6 x 75 min. periods)

If your workload has been above average for two years in a row, you could refuse the workload.

At the secondary level, in schools where the instructional periods are of a duration of 50 minutes, no teacher shall be obliged to accept an assignment of more than 210 minutes of consecutive workload. After the 210th minute of workload, a break of a duration of a teaching period or lunch period shall intervene before the beginning of the next period of instruction, unless the teacher agrees to a different arrangement.

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