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A Word from your New PTU President, Matt Wilson
Thank you for your support!


Whew! It is a tremendous honour to begin my term as President of the Pearson Teachers Union. I am grateful and humbled by the show of support from so many of you over the course of the election period. With Heidi leaving, I have impossibly large shoes to fill. I pledge to do everything I can to ensure that the positive progress that she, Ann and Pasquale have started continues. I am looking forward to supporting Pearson teachers in striving to improve our working conditions, to listen to your concerns and to advocate on your behalf to the school board, all in a bid to improve our public education sector. We have a lot of work to do in the coming months! Provincial negotiations about our collective agreement are ready to begin, and as you'll soon see, we are making significant demands of a government that has promised to make education a priority. The provincial government has tabled its legislation on religious symbols, with significant impacts to many of our teachers and colleagues; we cannot be silent on this issue. The accessibility and implementation of resources for our special needs students have reached a breaking point, and we need greater investment in this area than ever before. We will need to work together on these and other dossiers, as we collectively strive towards improving the educational experiences of our students. Teaching is a pillar of our society, and society is indebted to teachers for the hard work and sacrifices that you make every day. I am honoured to represent such a powerful group of educators. Onwards together!

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