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Message from your PTU President
Summer vacation


I can't believe another academic year has flown by! It has been an honour and a privilege to represent you all in the few months that I've been in the PTU Office. I was very happy to have visited 19 schools and centres so far, and I hope to visit even more next year. It always makes me so proud to be a teacher when I visit schools and centres: despite our various challenges and concerns, teachers are always committed to the improvement of our world through a positive education for our students. With negotiations on the horizon and with the many changes to public education already announced by the government, we are all going to be quite busy in the fall. Let's not look too far ahead, though: summer is finally here! If you are not working this summer, I hope that you enjoy a restful and recharging vacation. If you are starting a new session in the summer months, I hope that you are also able to get out and enjoy the nice weather too!

See you in August!

P.S. The PTU Office will be closed from June 29th to August 20th.

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