Starling Mental Fitness Challenge for September

Assessment scores
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With tight deadlines and heavy workloads, our jobs can be the #1 thing that drains our batteries.

In fact, 47% of working Canadians agree that their work is the most stressful part of their day and 26% of workers said they were "often" or "very often" burned out or stressed by their work.

Feeling your mental health take a dip during a particularly stressful week is normal - but why is there so much stigma around talking about it?

To start the conversation around mental health at work, we are launching a Workplace Mental Health Awareness Campaign this month!

What's the challenge?

  1. Check out the average Starling Member Assessment scores here. How do your levels of sadness, anxiety, and worry look after the summer?
  2. Read this week's blog post: Starling Community members open up about their struggles and share why they have a tough time talking about their mental health.

How can I sign up?

To get weekly notifications on the challenges and blog posts, make sure you're registered in the Starling Mental Fitness Challenge at If you have any questions about the challenge or the program, please connect with the Starling Minds Community Team at

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