Government's Response to our Sectorial Demands




December 18, 2019
"I'm so disappointed. The government has decided, once again, to dismiss the teaching profession. Teachers have always put their students as their first priority. When we improve the lives of teachers, we improve the lives of students. This deposit does nothing to improve the working conditions of teachers, nor improve services to students. This is an austerity proposal during a time of government budgetary surplus. We are far away from valuing the teaching profession. It's shameful."
- Heidi Yetman, President of QPAT

On December 17, the Comité patronal de négociation pour les commissions scolaires anglophones (CPNCA) deposited their counter-offer to our QPAT negotiation team.

It is with much disappointment that QPAT received this counter-offer. If the government wants to value the teaching profession, it is not reflected in the CPNCA proposal. As a matter of fact, this proposal is a direct attack on teacher professionalism and an increase in their responsibilities.

Here are some of the key demands:

For all teachers (Youth, Adult Education and Vocational Training):

  • Increase presence time to 35 hours with the understanding that the workweek is a total of 40 hours;
  • Increase assigned time;
  • Include obligatory professional development in the general duties of teachers;
  • Revise the general duties and responsibilities of teachers in the collective agreement (e.g., ensure the participation of teachers in the life of the school, ensure that teachers contribute to the multi-disciplinary team of the school and its mission, etc.);
  • Obligatory mentoring for all new teachers and an obligation for other teachers to become mentors;
  • Revise personnel mobility (50 km rule).

Youth Sector:

  • Revise group formation (possible removal of class size averages, revision of high school cycle one class sizes and additional reasons to justify larger class sizes);
  • Removal of a priori weighting for codes 14, 50 and 53;
  • Increase the average teaching time at the high school level;
  • Teachers need to demonstrate that they incorporate and adapt pedagogical interventions to meet the needs of each student;
  • Revision of Appendix XXIX (a minimum number of remedial teachers and resource teachers);
  • Revise teachers' roles and increase responsibilities;
  • Obligation for elementary teachers to do remediation for all students in the school.

Adult Education:

  • Include the possibility of working at the weekends.

Vocational Training:

  • Include the weekend in a regular workweek (maximum 40 hours);
  • Review hiring conditions for teachers teaching international students;
  • Remove the obligatory 4-week vacation in July.

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