To access the responses, please preview or download the attached document.

Please preview or download the attached document for QPAT's statement on Bill 21.

Last year, QPAT conducted a survey on a variety of questions regarding professional development. The survey was completed by 570 teachers from the ten English School Boards. 219 of the respondents wer...

How much time do you spend thinking about the importance of socks? Most of us, including our students, most likely don't give them much thought: Our feet get wet, we put on a clean dry pair, and...

Sebastien Joly has been nominated by the QPAT Board of Directors as the new Executive Director of QPAT. You can view or download his statement from the document attached.

You can view or download QPAT's summary of the survey on violence in the school from the attached document.

Please view or download the attached memo from QPAT regarding Bill 103 - An Act to Strengthen the Fight Against Transphobia and Improve the Situation of Transgender Minors in Particular.

You will find attached hereto the Summary of the final version of Bill 105 prepared by QPAT.
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